Ricky & Lisa's Federal Hill Engagement Session by Hannah Byrne

Ricky and Lisa met at her best friend's college graduation party. Ricky is a cousin of Lisa's close friend... and even though she had known her friends entire family for years, for whatever reason Ricky + Lisa had never crossed paths until that day. They hit it off instantly and the rest is history!2015-09-25_00022015-09-25_00032015-09-25_00042015-09-25_0028 2015-09-25_00062015-09-25_0008Ricky popped the question by re-creating their first date.  They went to dinner at the Pratt Street Ale House followed by an Orioles game. When they got back to their apartment that night, there was a table set up with decorations, pictures and  champagne! When Lisa asked what was going on, he proposed!2015-09-25_00102015-09-25_00092015-09-25_00112015-09-25_0012 2015-09-25_00132015-09-25_00152015-09-25_00182015-09-25_00252015-09-25_00212015-09-25_00202015-09-25_00192015-09-25_0023 2015-09-25_00162015-09-25_00262015-09-25_00272015-09-25_0017Ricky & Lisa: Thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer!! I cannot wait until your wedding this April!

Sarah Conroy's Baltimore Inner Harbor Senior Session by Hannah Byrne



Sarah wanted to do her senior session at the Inner Harbor and I couldn't have been more excited! I love the parks, side streets and water - there are just so many places to get gorgeous shots and build a diverse portfolio.  Sarah is an amazing athlete, beautiful person & a SENIOR! We had a blast sweating our butts off last week but you'd never know it was like 100 degrees from the way she graces the screen!

Sarah - Thank you SO much for letting me take your senior photos!! Wishing you an amazing senior year! 2015-08-21_0002 2015-08-21_0003 2015-08-21_0004 2015-08-21_0005 2015-08-21_0006 2015-08-21_0007 2015-08-21_0008 2015-08-21_0009 2015-08-21_0010 2015-08-21_0011 2015-08-21_0012

Alexis + Eric's Historic Summer Wedding at The Peter Allen House by Hannah Byrne


I had such a blast assisting Casey Smith last weekend at Alexis & Eric's historic summer wedding.  The entire day was beautiful.  From the gorgeous landscape surrounding their ceremony to the detailed reception, I'm so glad I was able to capture this day as a second shooter!  Being the second you are under less pressure and have more time to catch candid moments and be a little more creative - Enjoy this romantic summer gallery!2015-08-13_00012015-08-13_00022015-08-13_0022

Her bridesmaids seeing her in her dress for the first time!2015-08-13_00162015-08-13_0015

Eric & Alexis wrote notes to each other to read before the ceremony - I love her reactions!2015-08-13_00182015-08-13_00172015-08-13_0014

First look with her dad2015-08-13_00192015-08-13_0023

Their son & the most adorable ring bearer you will ever see!2015-08-13_00212015-08-13_00202015-08-13_00262015-08-13_00252015-08-13_00242015-08-13_00302015-08-13_00272015-08-13_00292015-08-13_00042015-08-13_00112015-08-13_00602015-08-13_00322015-08-13_00332015-08-13_00362015-08-13_00352015-08-13_00372015-08-13_00382015-08-13_00412015-08-13_00402015-08-13_00422015-08-13_00062015-08-13_00072015-08-13_00102015-08-13_00462015-08-13_00082015-08-13_00122015-08-13_00452015-08-13_00442015-08-13_00512015-08-13_00432015-08-13_00492015-08-13_00652015-08-13_00642015-08-13_00482015-08-13_00592015-08-13_00542015-08-13_00532015-08-13_00562015-08-13_00522015-08-13_00572015-08-13_00622015-08-13_00612015-08-13_0063