Ricky & Lisa's Federal Hill Engagement Session / by Hannah Byrne

Ricky and Lisa met at her best friend's college graduation party. Ricky is a cousin of Lisa's close friend... and even though she had known her friends entire family for years, for whatever reason Ricky + Lisa had never crossed paths until that day. They hit it off instantly and the rest is history!2015-09-25_00022015-09-25_00032015-09-25_00042015-09-25_0028 2015-09-25_00062015-09-25_0008Ricky popped the question by re-creating their first date.  They went to dinner at the Pratt Street Ale House followed by an Orioles game. When they got back to their apartment that night, there was a table set up with decorations, pictures and  champagne! When Lisa asked what was going on, he proposed!2015-09-25_00102015-09-25_00092015-09-25_00112015-09-25_0012 2015-09-25_00132015-09-25_00152015-09-25_00182015-09-25_00252015-09-25_00212015-09-25_00202015-09-25_00192015-09-25_0023 2015-09-25_00162015-09-25_00262015-09-25_00272015-09-25_0017Ricky & Lisa: Thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer!! I cannot wait until your wedding this April!