Hannah Leigh

penn state seniors by Hannah Byrne

What an amazing privilege I have, showing people how beautiful they truly are!


When I say I have had a blast with all these ladies, I totally mean it! My goal with each session is to make every client feel and look absolutely stunning.  I was talking with a friend the other night about the difference between how others perceive our appearance and how we see ourselves.  I truly believe everyone is beautiful and I want them to look at these images and see themselves as that wonderful person!  It's a powerful moment when you are looking at a photo and realize how incredibly beautiful you are!











the brajuha family by Hannah Byrne

The Brajuha Family was a blast to work with!

We had the most gorgeous weather and the sun was brilliant.





In love with the mommy & daughter shots!




I think it's so important to get a few shots of the parents alone.

I find that most times couples are SO glad we did and you have beautiful shots to cherish, just the two of you!


more mommy, daughter - oh my heart!facebook2



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personal story time by Hannah Byrne

The Byrne's are headed to Baltimore, MD


This post is a bit different than my usual, but just as exciting and important! Stephen & I took a road trip to Baltimore yesterday in hopes of finding a place to live that is close to his work and has a spare room for an office & guests!

I am SO thrilled to say that we have officially found a place to live in Baltimore! We are so excited to be living in Fells Point near his firm - He'll be biking to work & I'll be getting Hannah Leigh Photography off the ground from our home!  Here are a few iPhone shots of the place!

We are so thankful for the prayers and wisdom we've received from family and friends as we prepare to make a big transition - Thank you!


The best advice about equipment I ever received,

"Work with what you have, more is not always the answer"

I am a firm believer that the Lord will always give me what I need to do what He wants me to do.  But after having my camera malfunction as I'm outside the delivery room waiting to do a birth photography session this past winter, I knew I needed backup equipment if I was going to get serious about starting a business.

Ordering equipment has been intimidating and pretty intense!  I only wanted to get what I truly needed right now and definitely didn't want to get myself in too deep with equipment I would end up not liking - but this week I finally was able to invest in a few things to get this party started!  Bring on the weddings, engagements & families sessions!


So excited to see what the Lord has in store!


P.S. -

If you know of any wonderful churches, places to adventure, coffee shops or just have connections in Fells Point/Baltimore I would LOVE to chat with you! We are on the hunt for a church right now and know how important it is to have a community of believers for when we move in 5 weeks ((eeek!))