Preparing for a Lifestyle Shoot / by Hannah Byrne

Are you thinking about getting lifestyle photos done in your home?  Read a few quick tricks you can do before your photographer arrives to help them capture moments you’ll love!


1. Clean up. And not just a dusting.


I’m talking about putting things away that you wouldn’t usually put away.  Do you want to have photos done in your living room?  Kid’s rooms?  Don’t be offended if a photographer wants to put a bunch of toys and excess decor into the corner to clear some space.  Organized spaces allow your family to be the focus of the photo, rather than the clutter in the background.

2. Create space and light.


Make sure there is space and good light coming through a window in the rooms you want photos done in.  This is essential for a great lifestyle shoot!  You love those shots with the beautiful light streaming in and the wide angle photos of a family snuggled on a couch?  These take planning on your part! So make some space and open the blinds!

3. Invite your photographer over to scope out the scene.


This allows the photographer to see the space they will be working in before hand and gives them time to brainstorm great ideas that they might not have thought of on the spot.  If there isn’t time for a visit, consider sending them some snapshots of your home and any ideas you have.

4. Be honest.

If you’re looking for a structured family portrait for your mantel, you need to communicate that to your photographer.  These shots can easily be done, but your expectations should be communicated.

5. Let loose! _DSC1059

This is a lifestyle shoot, so the photographer is looking to capture candid moments, not posed and structured.  Afraid of the chaos?  Don’t be (:  Lifestyle shots are cherished by families when they can look at a photo and say, “Yup! This is my family!” Unique and candid, these photos should tell the story of your home!




Have more questions? Let me know! I'd love to answer them (:

- Han