What Should I Wear? by Hannah Byrne

This is probably the most common question asked about a photography session! Especially when mom has three little ones running around and has to make some sense out of their outfits! I wanted to address this question because I think it can be one of the hardest and most stressful aspects of photography for families and couples, but it should be fun and creative! So strap in, I'm here to give you a few tips and tricks on dressing for your shoot!


What's your favorite outfit right now?

I think we all have an outfit or two that we just can't get enough of!  And even though all of these outfits aren't appropriate for a photo shoot, many of them can be tailored to the occasion and dressed up a bit.  I think this is always a great go-to if you're really stuck.  This outfit is definitely going to bring out your personality and you'll look back in a few years and have so many memories in those clothes!

Please don't make your family wear the same color.

This is always a tragic moment.  Arriving at a photo session to a family wearing the exact same thing.  I always wonder what kind of wrestling match had to go down before this moment to get the kids (and even the husband) into those outfits.  Trust me, it's not worth your fight! I'm not saying to let your three year old pick out their own outfit, but try your best to avoid those tears!  The attitude your family is in is hard to hide in photos.  So let the personality of your family shine through - mismatched is always more interesting that white t-shirts and jeans.

Let your personality shine through.

This is kind of a repeat from the past two, but seriously! Let your personality shine through.  If you are more casual, let your photographer know that and they can tailor the session to your style.  Bring some props from your home (pillows, blankets, mugs, etc.) and get creative!  This is an opportunity for you to capture your family where they are at this moment - In a few years, it should bring back memories and be a beautiful reminder of how your family has changed.

Where is your photo shoot?

This is a huge factor when deciding what to wear! If your getting photos done at a nice location (hotel, restaurant, etc.) you are going to want to dress to that standard.  Many times family photos are done outside or in the home, and in this case you still want to dress nice - but not formal!  There is always a unique feel that comes along with juxtaposing your location with your fashion style, but this brings an edgier feeling that many people aren't looking to get.  Just be aware of your location & plan accordingly...

Is it freezing? Warm? HOT? Chilly?

Bring layers! This is especially important during the fall and spring - weather can change in a moment and you want to be ready for that! This also gives you the option of switching up your outfit without fully changing, which can be a total hassle & your photographer might charge extra.  From coats to vests, blankets and gloves - bring it along, keep it in your car & feel comforted that you are ready for anything!

Be comfortable in whatever you decide to wear

If you aren't comfortable, it's going to show! Wear something that makes you feel beautiful! And who says beautiful can't be comfortable.  Reminder of the first tip, what's your favorite outfit? Make sure you feel like "you" in it!

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Preparing for a Lifestyle Shoot by Hannah Byrne

Are you thinking about getting lifestyle photos done in your home?  Read a few quick tricks you can do before your photographer arrives to help them capture moments you’ll love!


1. Clean up. And not just a dusting.


I’m talking about putting things away that you wouldn’t usually put away.  Do you want to have photos done in your living room?  Kid’s rooms?  Don’t be offended if a photographer wants to put a bunch of toys and excess decor into the corner to clear some space.  Organized spaces allow your family to be the focus of the photo, rather than the clutter in the background.

2. Create space and light.


Make sure there is space and good light coming through a window in the rooms you want photos done in.  This is essential for a great lifestyle shoot!  You love those shots with the beautiful light streaming in and the wide angle photos of a family snuggled on a couch?  These take planning on your part! So make some space and open the blinds!

3. Invite your photographer over to scope out the scene.


This allows the photographer to see the space they will be working in before hand and gives them time to brainstorm great ideas that they might not have thought of on the spot.  If there isn’t time for a visit, consider sending them some snapshots of your home and any ideas you have.

4. Be honest.

If you’re looking for a structured family portrait for your mantel, you need to communicate that to your photographer.  These shots can easily be done, but your expectations should be communicated.

5. Let loose! _DSC1059

This is a lifestyle shoot, so the photographer is looking to capture candid moments, not posed and structured.  Afraid of the chaos?  Don’t be (:  Lifestyle shots are cherished by families when they can look at a photo and say, “Yup! This is my family!” Unique and candid, these photos should tell the story of your home!




Have more questions? Let me know! I'd love to answer them (:

- Han