engagement session

A Romantic Mount Vernon Engagement Session: Baltimore, MD by Hannah Byrne

Megan contacted me about doing her + Matt's engagement session and I was so excited to get to shoot in Mount Vernon with this sweet couple! The architecture is stunning and the cobble stone streets are so charming. As the session went on, I realized how romantic and "Paris" the images were feeling. But let me back up... As I'm sure you can tell from my portfolio, I LOVE color! I love using light in beautiful ways and editing "true to reality." But this session was just begging to be in black and white! So I'm sharing something a little different - This was the second half of their session and all the photos are black and white. I hope you enjoy this romantic Mount Vernon engagement shoot!

Ricky & Lisa's Federal Hill Engagement Session by Hannah Byrne

Ricky and Lisa met at her best friend's college graduation party. Ricky is a cousin of Lisa's close friend... and even though she had known her friends entire family for years, for whatever reason Ricky + Lisa had never crossed paths until that day. They hit it off instantly and the rest is history!2015-09-25_00022015-09-25_00032015-09-25_00042015-09-25_0028 2015-09-25_00062015-09-25_0008Ricky popped the question by re-creating their first date.  They went to dinner at the Pratt Street Ale House followed by an Orioles game. When they got back to their apartment that night, there was a table set up with decorations, pictures and  champagne! When Lisa asked what was going on, he proposed!2015-09-25_00102015-09-25_00092015-09-25_00112015-09-25_0012 2015-09-25_00132015-09-25_00152015-09-25_00182015-09-25_00252015-09-25_00212015-09-25_00202015-09-25_00192015-09-25_0023 2015-09-25_00162015-09-25_00262015-09-25_00272015-09-25_0017Ricky & Lisa: Thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer!! I cannot wait until your wedding this April!