Fitness Gals: Baltimore, MD by Hannah Byrne

This past year I went through the try-out and training process to become a REV spin instructor. Through the process I met some incredible people and it got me really interested in photographing women athletes in the Baltimore area!

Here are a few shots from a recent mini session shoot I did. I hope this is the first of many fitness shoots! Email me if you're interested in booking yours! - Enjoy!

Do you need your wedding photographer until the end of the reception? by Hannah Byrne

Short answer: typically, no.

After reception formalities are over (toasts, dances, cake cutting), you don't really need your photographer to hang around for much longer unless dancing photos are super important to you (1 hour of dancing coverage can be plenty). Remember, the drinks have probably been flowing for a few hours at this point. Your guests are a little tipsy and just want to dance (without a photographer in their face the entire night). Having a handful of photos of your guests dancing is important, but you don't need 3 hours of dancing coverage.

Hannah Leigh Photography Stone Tower Winery Wedding Leesburg VA_4839.jpg

"But I want to do a sparkler exit!!"

This is totally valid, and probably the #1 reason couples decide to have me their until the end. They want that real, candid sparkler send off photo... One of my favorite solutions to this is the staged sparkler photo with your bridal party + friends. Check out this blog post I wrote last year to read why I love the staged sparkler photo option!

Hannah Leigh Photography Stone Tower Winery Wedding Leesburg VA_4847.jpg

Rather than paying your photographer to hang around until the end, I recommend having your coverage a little heavier in the beginning of the day. Have them arrive earlier to capture candids of you getting ready, detail photos, first looks with Dad, etc. Those are the photos you will want in your album. They will be the ones you hang on your walls. Dancing photos are super fun, but not the highlight of any wedding gallery.

I hope this helps! If you have any comments or questions, leave them below!

Tyler + Anna's Longwood Gardens Engagement Session: Kennett Square, PA by Hannah Byrne

Tyler and Anna's engagement session was literally the coldest day EVER. I think it was like 15 degrees or something. It was nuts! These two were champs as we dodged the crowds at Longwood Gardens during the holiday season and ran in between buildings to stay out of the cold. It was quit the adventure, so thankful for their "up for anything" mentality! I can't wait for their wedding in May! Enjoy their greenhouse engagement session!