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Ibrahim + Katie's DC Wedding: The Hotel Tabard Inn by Hannah Byrne


Ibrahim + Katie are undoubtably one of the most kindhearted couples I have had the privilege of photographing.  Their love and warmth for each other was evident in each encounter I had with them.  Family and friends came from far and FARTHER to celebrate their wedding day. And it was absolutely beautiful! I am always so honored when I get to photograph a wedding that is built on more than pretty flowers and extravagant detail. The love was palpable throughout the entire day!

2015-09-09_0001Isn't the Hotel Tabard Inn SO cute?! I felt like I was in Alice and Wonderland all day; getting lost and turned around just added to the mystery of the venue!2015-09-09_00022015-09-09_00032015-09-09_0004Probably one of my FAVORITE wedding favors!

2015-09-09_00052015-09-09_0006Those colors!!!2015-09-09_00072015-09-09_00082015-09-09_00092015-09-09_00102015-09-09_0011It's Turkish tradition to give gold on the wedding day.  Ibrahim's father gifted Katie the most beautiful gold necklace! I love this moment!2015-09-09_00122015-09-09_00132015-09-09_00142015-09-09_0015I just can't.... They are so stunning!2015-09-09_00162015-09-09_00172015-09-09_0018Cheers to a long and joyful marriage!



Venue: Hotel Tabard Inn

Flowers: Mimoza Design

Liz + Spencer's Wedding : York, PA by Hannah Byrne



Spencer and Liz got married at their church in York, PA last Sunday afternoon.  It was such a special ceremony - Spencer & his groomsmen welcomed guests by having their band play! They were wonderful and it was such a special touch to the day.  They were surrounded by amazing family and friends to celebrate their highly anticipated marriage.  It was a beautiful day filled with love and joy! Spencer + Liz: From the bottom of my heart, thank you! It was such a pleasure to photograph your big day.  Wishing you a lifetime of joy together!2015-08-26_0026 2015-08-26_0027

"First look" with her dad! 2015-08-26_00282015-08-26_0074 2015-08-26_0029 2015-08-26_0030 2015-08-26_0031 2015-08-26_0032

I LOVED this moment! Liz asked if I could get a photo of her bridesmaids praying for her right before the ceremony - I'm SO thankful she asked! 2015-08-26_0033

Spencer and his groomsmen welcome guests with their incredible musical talent!2015-08-26_00342015-08-26_0068 2015-08-26_0035 2015-08-26_0036 2015-08-26_00372015-08-26_0041 2015-08-26_00392015-08-26_0042 2015-08-26_0040 2015-08-26_0043 2015-08-26_0044 2015-08-26_0045 2015-08-26_0046 2015-08-26_0047

SWOON2015-08-26_0048 2015-08-26_0049 2015-08-26_0050 2015-08-26_0051 2015-08-26_0052

If your married initials are SNL, you should make a big deal out of it!2015-08-26_0053 2015-08-26_0054

Their guest book was created with all their engagement photos! I love this idea & loved seeing these images in print!!

What a great way to put those photos to use! 2015-08-26_0056 2015-08-26_0057 2015-08-26_00582015-08-26_0070 2015-08-26_0059

Facetiming! Ha!2015-08-26_0060 2015-08-26_0061

We snuck away for a (second) portrait session, hehe! Amazing light & a beautiful park.. How could you resist?!2015-08-26_0062 2015-08-26_0063 2015-08-26_0064 2015-08-26_0065 2015-08-26_0066 2015-08-26_0067 2015-08-26_0072 2015-08-26_0073