David + Kelsey's Old Town Hall Wedding: Fairfax, VA / by Hannah Byrne


When the venue only allows you in so early it takes lots of bodies to transform the space into something unique and special.  I was blown away by this family and their willingness to serve Kelsey and David on their wedding day! There were so many personal touches & handmade somethings sprinkled around the hall.  Kelsey is a pro DIY-er and I definitely took some mental notes while photographing her creations! Enjoy a little blurb from the bride...

How they met, according to Kelsey ;) ... David and I first met in high school when we were both attending a home school Latin class. He was a senior and I a junior, so we didn't connect again until a year later at my high school graduation, where coincidentally I was graduating alongside one of his close friends. We ended up attending the same community college (where we started dating in January of 2009) and then moved on to the same university. We dated for six years before David proposed on Christmas Eve, 2014. He kept it secret very well – I even asked him a month prior if I should be expecting a Christmas proposal and he said no! But he was being rather secretive, so when I went over to his apartment I thought I’d find a great big gift hidden somewhere. Baffled when this wasn’t the case, I asked him why, if there was no big gift in hiding, I hadn’t been able to come over the night before. That’s when he reached into his pocket, kneeled down, and asked me, “Since its Christmas, I was wondering if you’d like my last name?” Being that his name is “Noel” this was very cute. What isn’t so cute is how much I cried after that. Obviously I said yes.

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People who made this day possible:

Venue: Fairfax Old Town Hall

Bride: Dress & Shoes

Cake: Unique Bakery

Catering: Shawn's BBQ

Bridesmaids Dresses: Modcloth

Groom & Groomsmen: Joseph A. Banks