Anniversary Sunrise Session: Rocks State Park Overlook / by Hannah Byrne

Ben and Rebecca came to visit a few weekends ago and we wanted to do something special for their first anniversary.  We woke up at the crack of dawn, dressed them to the nines and headed to Rocks State Park to catch the sunrise over the hills.  Kings and Queens Seat is one of my favorite locations - Check out Steven and Hanna's session we did here a few weeks ago to see more from this amazing overlook! 2015-11-12_00032015-11-12_0001 2015-11-12_00022015-11-12_0006 2015-11-12_0004 2015-11-12_0005 2015-11-12_0007 2015-11-12_0008 2015-11-12_0009 2015-11-12_0010 2015-11-12_0011 2015-11-12_0012 2015-11-12_00132015-11-12_0019 2015-11-12_0014 2015-11-12_0015 2015-11-12_0016 2015-11-12_0017 2015-11-12_0018

Behind the scenes shot using our new GoPro! Shout out to Stephen for waking up early, holding bouquets and taking BTS shots!