Something I REALLY want to do in 2017 / by Hannah Byrne

Last winter I started a little project taking photos of Stephen at random points throughout the day. It was a fun way for me to get my creative juices flowing during a slower season. Unfortunately, once business started picking up in the spring, I stopped.

I don't think I have ever made a New Year's Resolution and actually stuck with it. So I'm going to refrain from calling this a resolution in hopes that I'll actually pull through and DO IT.

Basically, I just want to practice what I preach. Photos are SO important! I really, really believe that. I want to look back on my 20's and early married life and have more to show for it than a bunch of beautiful photos of other couples and a few crappy iPhone photos of MY life.

Hannah Leigh Photography_2839.jpg

This year we are going on some pretty awesome adventures. We're traveling to Iceland, going on a ski trip to Colorado with some of our very best friends and hope to buy a home in Baltimore City.

Right now I'm looking at 2017 with big child-like enthusiasm. I have goals for my photo business, dreams of a different business and hopes for my marriage.

I don't want to let this little life fly by without having something to remember it by.

My apologies to all friends and family who will inevitably have to deal with my obsession to photograph everything. (cough, Rebecca Carey)

READY. SET. 2017!