Hey! I'm Hannah!

- Owner and lead photographer - 

My interest in photography started when I traveled to Kenya for a few months in 2013. I took photos on a beginners DSLR and kept a blog for family and friends. It was amazing to see the impact my photos had on everyone who read my blog. The next semester at Penn State, I changed my major to photojournalism and took a deep dive into photography.

I started my business in 2014 during my senior year. I quickly realized how much I loved photographing people on one of the happiest day of their lives! Every year I'm blown away by the couples I get to photograph, places I get to see and stories I get to capture. It's a true honor to be a wedding photographer and I'm humbled to be a part of each couple's life changing day! If you want to chat about working together, click the link below.

The Hannah Leigh Photography team is growing!

Meet our associate wedding photographer, Anna!

What's an associate wedding photographer?

Anna has officially joined the Hannah Leigh Photography team as of 2018. She is currently booking clients for the 2018 + 2019 wedding seasons. Anna will capture your engagement + wedding story and work with Hannah to edit your images in true Hannah Leigh Photo style. Love those bright, bold colors? You're gonna get 'em!

More about Anna...

Anna has always had a passion for photography. As a kid she loved looking at old family photos in her parents basement. She was fascinated by how each image could take her back in time and elicit so many emotions.

In 2011 Anna was first introduced to wedding photography and fell in love with the entire process. Capturing all the emotions on a wedding day is so important to Anna - she knows that years down the road, you too may look through a box of old photos in a basement and be reminded of that incredible moment. 

When Anna isn't photographing weddings, she's raising a gorgeous family. Her and her husband, Aaron, have two daughters - Paisley and Joy.