What in the World is a Delivery Session? / by Hannah Byrne

I got an email from a local mom a few months ago.  Pregnant with girl #2, she and her husband couldn't wait for the arrival of their daughter.  She contacted me about doing delivery & newborn photos for her.  My initial response was, "What?! Can I even do that? What would it even mean?!"


But once she explained what she wanted, I immediately knew I wanted to do this type of photography (but was more nervous than I had ever been for a shoot!).  Unable to really "schedule" this, I was constantly on call waiting for "go time."


On a Friday morning at 5:30am, I got the phone call.

Let me be clear for a moment; I have NEVER been in the same room as a woman who is giving birth.  I'm sure I have seen videos in health class, but don't really remember much. So when I got to the hospital, I was a little antsy and I was a little excited.

It was the doctor, nurses, momma, husband... And me.

This is where I think most people are a little weirded out by the whole thing... But it's a lot less weird than it seems.  I have a journalistic eye and like to blend into the walls of wherever I am - and this is a great time for me to do that.  I get my shots and blend in, get some more, blend in again.  The goal is not for this to be a photo shoot.  There is no flash, no lights, no excessive production behind this type of session.

And the results are amazing.

watermark_PrussCollage copy

Those precious moments in the hospital room, before friends and family come bearing gifts, are able to be captured and cherished for a lifetime.  You will look back and remember the beautiful, raw, emotional moments with wonder.

For me, this session makes me even more excited about being a momma! It makes me excited to serve women and families through my photography.  And more than anything, it makes me stand in amazement at our God who knitted each of us in our mother's womb and gives us such incredible moments of joy.

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