Wedding Details: What to have ready for your photographer when they arrive / by Hannah Byrne

As your wedding photographer, I don't want to spend too much of my time collecting your details to photograph them. I want to arrive, photograph your details and then move into capturing YOU and your friends/family. The real moments of the day. I truly believe having photos of your details is important, which is why I always schedule it into your timeline. In 10 years are you still going to have your invitations, jewelry and perfume that you had on your wedding day? If you're like me and throw everything away, having photos of these meaningful details is such a treasure! Because there is no way I'm going to have my wedding invitations 10 years from now!

So let's get down to the nitty gritty! Have all your details together in one place. I recommend gathering everything the week before your wedding and putting them in a box/bag. That way you know you have everything and you can hand me all your details at once, which allows you to get back to getting your hair/makeup done, sip on champagne and be with your gals. 

The Details:


Obviously this won't fit in the bag/box



If you can, wait to put the veil in your hair so I can use it for details! Often times the hair stylist will want to put it in. If it's really complicated, go for it! Otherwise, I'll use it for details and then we can take photos of your mom and maid of honor putting it in!


Make sure you have your wedding band & engagement ring as well as the grooms band! We will make sure the best man gets them before the ceremony!

Invitation Suite

Having two is helpful! Sometimes I will use the front of your invitation and pair it with the back (if there is a special pattern). It's not necessary, but can be useful!


Hannah Leigh Photography Tabrizis Baltimore Wedding_2194.jpg


Earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc.


I hope this TIP! was helpful!