The Best of 2015: Weddings / by Hannah Byrne


As we close out 2015 I wanted to honor all the amazing couples who let me join them on one of the biggest days of their life! I am truly grateful for each and every one of you who trusted me with capturing moments that will be heirlooms for generations to come! I also wanted to give a shout-out to the photographers who let me second shoot with them. I learned SO much from you all; Thank you for sharing your tips and secrets and letting me tag along for the ride!

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Michelle & Tyler

(Second Shooter for Brittany DeFrehn)

2015-12-18_00132015-12-18_0015 2015-12-18_0014

Toni & Ryan

(Second shooter for Andy Colwell)2015-12-18_00162015-12-18_00172015-12-18_0018

Kelsey & David


Deedra & Bo


Becky & Kevin


Katie & Ibrahim


Liz & Spencer 2015-08-26_00482015-08-26_00412015-08-26_0050Lun & Chris 2015-12-18_00202015-12-18_00192015-12-18_0021Alexis & Eric

(Second shooter for Casey Smith Photography)2015-08-13_00012015-12-18_00052015-12-18_0006

Dani & Clint


Rachel & Drew 2015-12-18_00112015-12-18_00122015-12-18_0010 Coming soon...

Best of 2015: Engagements

Highlighting couples who have made the commitment

to be part of the Hannah Leigh Photo family & are getting married in 2016!!!!