Location Ideas for Winter Engagement Sessions! / by Hannah Byrne

Have you ever noticed the sudden "spike" in engagements during the holiday season that flood your Facebook and Instagram feeds? Many couples get engaged in November + December and then hope to marry the following Summer/Fall. I'm definitely an advocate for short engagements, but often planning a wedding in under a year can be a recipe for anxiety and stress. 

One hurdle couples have to overcome is planning an engagement session during Winter months. The go-to locations for Summer/Fall engagement sessions don't really work because everything is dead and uninviting. Instead of focusing on the negative side of winter engagement sessions, I'm going to share a few location ideas that are winter friendly! If you find yourself with a fancy rock on your finger this holiday season maybe these will come in handy...

1. Coffee shops

If you and your partner are avid coffee consumers, maybe consider having your engagement session done at a local coffee shop! One thing to keep in mind is LIGHT. Does the shop have great windows? Is there a decent amount of space to work with? Plan on scheduling your session for earlier in the day, right as the shop is opening or during a break in the day when business is slower. That way you can do your session without too many eyes on you! Customers will inevitably start to roll in for their morning joe, so if you're really shy this might not be the best location for you.

2. Your Apartment/Home

I have never had the honor of doing an in-home session but I'm DYING to do one!  In-home sessions are a great way to document your first home together and what life is like during this time as you start your journey into marriage! Like I mentioned with coffee shops, keep LIGHT in mind if you're considering doing your session at home. Do you have great window light? What's the best time of day for light in your home? Figure these things out to get the most of your session!

3. Christmas Tree Farms

Often times the typical Summer/Fall locations just don't work during the winter months. Trees are bare and everything looks cold and uninviting. One spot that doesn't lose it's "life" is a Christmas tree farm! The trees are beautiful all year round and give you that extra energy for your session. 

4. Snow!! 

Snow can definitely be tough. Storms roll into town and before you know it the snow is here and gone! If you live near your photographer you might be able to schedule a last minute session but being flexible is super important if you're dying to have snow! (My mom recently purchased a snow machine, so if you REALLY want snow I can make it happen for you! And it actually looks like real snow, hehe!)

5. Green houses!

I recently shot a session at a green house and LOVED every second of it! The light is just beautiful and the plants stay gorgeous and lively all year round. And because you're out of the elements, you have a bit more flexibility when it comes to outfit options! Look up local green houses in your area to see if this is a viable option for you!

6. Rock Formations/Overlooks

Rocks never go out of style. Although this option can feel a bit "colder" than others (and BE colder, brace yourself!!), it's still a great alternative during the winter! If you both love hiking and adventure, don't be afraid to go outside for your session. Rock formations and overlooks can be the perfect backdrop, even in the winter!

I hope this tip was helpful! Keep an eye out for next Monday's post: How to Enjoy Your Engagement Session (Even if you're camera shy!)