Kevin + Becky's Annapolis Maritime Museum Wedding / by Hannah Byrne

2015-09-15_0030Kevin and Becky had a gorgeous day for their wedding! The sun was shining and the breeze was moving, a perfect day for a wedding at the Annapolis Maritime Museum!  They held an intimate ceremony with only a handful of family and friends on the dock overlooking the water.  After their ceremony they took a boat around Annapolis and popped some bubbly with two of their friends! The day was gorgeous with so much joy and love for Kevin and Becky!2015-09-15_0035 2015-09-15_0036 2015-09-15_0034 2015-09-15_0032 2015-09-15_00312015-09-15_00332015-09-15_00092015-09-15_00072015-09-15_00082015-09-15_00112015-09-15_00142015-09-15_00132015-09-15_00122015-09-15_00182015-09-15_00192015-09-15_00162015-09-15_00212015-09-15_00172015-09-15_00152015-09-15_00392015-09-15_00372015-09-15_00382015-09-15_00222015-09-15_00232015-09-15_00442015-09-15_0041This ice cream bar is probably my favorite dessert table EVER!2015-09-15_00402015-09-15_00432015-09-15_0045

The amazing people who made this day possible:

Second Shooter: Bobby Chen

Venue: Annapolis Maritime Museum

Catering: Bowl Of Cherries 

Florals: The Gateway Florist

DJ: Taurus DJs