Jerod & Brooke's Hartwood Acres Engagement / by Hannah Byrne



Brooke and Jerod are high school sweethearts (although they didn't actually go to the same school!). They met at their church in Pittsburgh and continued to create one of the strongest relationships I have ever seen!  They persevered through long distance and pursued a Christ centered courtship that lead them to their engagement this summer.

For two years in college, Brooke and I were housemates at the cutest home on N. Allen Street in Happy Valley.  We would share our anticipation about getting engaged one day and dream up our weddings on Pinterest.  I was beyond thrilled when I found out these two got engaged in Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago & was so honored to be able to do their engagement photos.  Their hearts for Christ and their love for each other is palpable!

Jerod & Brooke: I wish you a lifetime of joy together pursuing your dreams and following our God! So happy for you both!2015-08-17_00252015-08-17_00262015-08-17_00242015-08-17_00292015-08-17_00232015-08-17_00222015-08-17_00012015-08-17_00082015-08-17_00212015-08-17_00202015-08-17_00192015-08-17_00182015-08-17_00172015-08-17_00162015-08-17_00152015-08-17_00142015-08-17_00132015-08-17_00282015-08-17_00122015-08-17_00112015-08-17_00102015-08-17_00092015-08-17_00072015-08-17_00062015-08-17_00052015-08-17_00042015-08-17_00032015-08-17_0002