Jenn Floray Pottery: York, PA / by Hannah Byrne


It's Jenn's birthday TODAY so I thought I'd share our session from this past week! She is an incredible artist and I'm in LOVE with all of her work!!

JFloray Pottery

Jenn, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you doing what you love!! Have an amazing birthday!

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Here are some of her own words describing how she got into ceramics and what it means to her!

"It all started in 11 grade. I took a ceramics course where we learned to hand build and did some wheel throwing as well. I absolutely fell in love with it. Every year after, in high school and during my college career at Millersville, I tried my best to take a ceramics course. If I didn't I kind of went through withdrawal and missed it. Over the summers I would go to acmoore and get clay just so I could get my fix and dreamt about having my own wheel one day....


I specifically remember one day I was in my grandmas kitchen, rolling out coils to make a coil built pot, with a mess everywhere, day dreaming about having my own little shop in a barn next to my own house. It seemed crazy at the time but it feels like it could definitely happen now...

2015-08-26_0004I believe that when we see opportunities to make our dreams a reality we jump on them. Things have been falling into place lately from selling the work I made at Millersville so I could buy my wheel to getting offered a couple free kilns. I feel so blessed and the support I've been getting is incredible."2015-08-26_00152015-08-26_0014 2015-08-26_00062015-08-26_00162015-08-26_00112015-08-26_00172015-08-26_00202015-08-26_0019 2015-08-26_00072015-08-26_00182015-08-26_0010 2015-08-26_00082015-08-26_0021 2015-08-26_0009