jaimee / by Hannah Byrne


I don't know what it is, but I constantly have this itch to go take photos.  I just need my fix and I'm good for a few hours.  Sounds silly, I know.. But I'm thankful for friends who are more than willing to jump in front of my lens!


 Today is the first day of spring and we got a snow storm - definitely not what I had in mind.  But then I remember how I felt when the snow first fell this winter and decided I was going to enjoy it.  Thankfully Jaimee was willing to work with the weather & let me get a few shots in downtown State College, Pa. HLB_6583-2

HLB_6653HLB_6636 HLB_6626 HLB_6578-2 HLB_6570 HLB_6537 HLB_6534-2

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