What you need to know BEFORE you can create a detailed wedding day timeline! / by Hannah Byrne

Your wedding photographer does a lot more than just take photos. From the moment you inquire we are working to help your wedding planning process go as smooth as possible! And creating a custom timeline is crucial to a flawless wedding day!* But before you start your timeline I'll need a few key event times and locations from you...


Getting ready (For both bride + groom)




What time will hair and makeup be DONE?

Are you doing a first look? (Typically lasts 40 min - 1 hour)

What time is your ceremony? (Typically lasts 30min - 1 hour)

What time is cocktail hour? (Typically lasts 1 hour to 1.5 hours)

What time are guests going to be let into your reception space?

What time will you be announced into your reception?

I tend to not focus too much on the reception because that's something you really need to discuss with your DJ. At that point in the day, we are all going to be in the same space for the remainder of your photo coverage. The only last BIG photo event (other than planned reception moments; dances, toasts, cake cutting) is SUNSET PORTRAIT TIME! To see what time we'll need to schedule your sunset portraits for, check out THIS POST

Again, this is just the start to creating your detailed timeline! Once I have these locations + times I am able to give you a better idea of what the entire day will look like and tweak things that need to be tweaked! 

*Note: If you hire a wedding planner/coordinator, they will create a custom timeline for you! And SO much more. They are seriously irreplaceable throughout the wedding process. You should definitely consider hiring someone! Here are a few I love in the Baltimore area:

Pop the Cork Designs

Sara Reynolds Events

Eventi Floral & Events

Adriana Marie Events

I hope this tip was helpful! Keep an eye out for the next tip - Location ideas for winter engagement sessions! Going LIVE next Monday!