How to Enjoy Your Engagement Session (Even if You're Camera Shy!) / by Hannah Byrne

Pick a location that works for YOU

Are you both super outgoing + don't shy away from PDA? Or do you tend to keep to yourselves and feel a bit quieter out in public? When you're picking a location for your session make sure you discuss this before you decide. If you're super shy and decide to do your session in the middle of a bustling city, you're NOT going to enjoy it and the photos are going to show that. Pick somewhere a little more private where you can feel safe to be yourself in front of the camera!

Ignore the camera

You don't need to constantly be looking and smiling at the camera.  I'll definitely do a "mom" pose (you both smiling at the camera) but for the most part, just enjoy each other and forget that the camera is even there. It will help create photos that look more like moments. And you'll have a more enjoyable time interacting with each other versus staring at my camera.

Don't put so much pressure on yourself

I often start sessions by saying, "I rarely work with models." I don't expect you to know what you're doing. Just take a deep breath and do your best to go with the flow and enjoy yourself! You don't need to show up to your session feeling like you're ready to walk down a runway. I want you to stay true to who you are as a couple, quirks and all! 

Go on an adventure

One way to make the session feel less like a photoshoot is to go on an adventure and invite me along! Do you both love hiking? Or do you often spend your weekends out on a kayak? Do you love to cook together? Let me join you for a date and I'll document you, just being you!

Hannah Leigh Photography Centennial Park Ellicott City MD_2360.jpg
Hannah Leigh Photo_0183.jpg

Grab a drink beforehand! Or plan to go out for dinner afterward

Grabbing a drink beforehand is a great way to loosen up! Your engagement session should be a special event, plan to celebrate the start of your new journey together with a meal and drink! You'll be all dressed up already, why not make it a date night!?

I hope this tip was helpful! Keep an eye out for next Monday's post: Do THIS Instead of a First Look!