Behind the Lens: A New Blog Series for 2016 / by Hannah Byrne



Sometimes it's hard to put a face to a service or product.  It seems intimidating to send over an inquiry form because who is really reading it anyway? I wanted to post something a little more personal to kick off 2016.  To make Hannah Leigh Photography a little less wedding & lifestyle photographer and a little more YOUR photographer!


WHO: Growing up I had no intention of being a photographer or a business owner.  I had a math tutor all the way through high school and managed to escape taking any sort of calculus in college.  I was unsure of what I wanted to study at Penn State but always had an appreciation for a great photograph. Somewhere along the line I found myself in a photojournalism class.  After my first semester of photography I took the adventure of a lifetime and spent 3 months in Nairobi, Kenya, which leads me into WHY.2015-12-31_0002

WHY: Why photography? Why not video? Or writing? Or some other form of creative profession? Why not get a job that's "secure"? Find a career in Corporate America and climb the ladder? After spending 3 months in Kenya I realized the power behind a camera. The power behind images and the weight they hold in our society. From sharing an intimate story of a family in Kibera (one of the worlds largest slums) to capturing a groom's first reaction to seeing his bride..These are moments and stories that I believe need to be told.  Need to be shared and have lasting impact on our future generations.  I truly believe in investing your time and money in photography.  Having a photographer who you can trust and rely on is SO important, especially for those big moments in your life! These images will be heirlooms. They will be hanging on the walls of your home. They will leave your legacy of love behind for your grandchildren.

WHERE: I'm located in the City of Baltimore.  My husband, Stephen, got a job in Fells Point and we quickly went from living in rural PA to finding ourselves in a tiny apartment in the city.  Some days I feel the overwhelming pressure of being trapped. Some days I feel the overwhelming need to be hunkered down at home.  I'm a thrill seeker with the heart of a homebody who found herself living with the most wonderful husband in the City of Baltimore.  This year I have hopes and plans to travel near and far. To see more of the world and adventure around the globe.  When I can't travel and when I have to accept the walls around me as reality, I've decided that in 2016 I'll pick up a book.  I'll jump on an adventure with Bilbo or find myself in Narnia.  No matter where I am I want it to be an adventure!

2015-12-31_0004WHAT: I thought I'd dedicate this portion to sharing some things that I LOVE. I'm a huge fan of coffee in the morning and workout classes.  I am competitive when it comes to exercise and try to convince myself that I'm winning, from yoga to plyo - winning is literally impossible but essential.  I LOVE my middle school sweetheart! I love hiking, but again, I need to be able to win.... So a hike without a view is kind of like a bowl without ice cream. Oh! And I LOVE ice cream! To the point where I can't have it in the house because I'll eat it all in less than 24 hours.   I've got a heart for international ministry and a love for Jesus.  I have no idea what my life will look like in five years but I love to daydream about the possibilities. I love couples who join the Hannah Leigh Family and hope to create the most amazing experience for them.  I try not to take myself too seriously and always enjoy clients who aren't afraid to have a great time!

WHEN: This is a little PSA for all those newly engaged couples! It's literally never too early to book your wedding photographer or venue! I am already booking into 2017 (which is actually blowing my mind!) so don't hesitate to send me an inquiry, I've still got available dates for 2016! And now that we are fully acquainted, you can rest assured that your inquiry will be read and responded with care and love!

Cheers to a New Year!



Behind the Lens will be a new series for 2016! Shining a light on my REAL life. Showing a little more "Snapchat Stories" and a little less "Instagram Feed"

Because who's day to day life is curated perfectly?!