Eric & Jessica's Sailboat Engagement Session / by Hannah Byrne

2015-09-21_0002Eric & Jessica are going to steal your heart with this Annapolis sailboat engagement session!2015-09-21_0003Their love story started at a work party... They got to talking and realized Eric's older sister is Jessica's boss! But that definitely didn't stop Eric from getting her number at the end of the night! 2015-09-21_0005One of their first dates was going sailing together.. So having their engagement session one the water was the perfect fit.  2015-09-21_0006 2015-09-21_00042015-09-21_00082015-09-21_00102015-09-21_00092015-09-21_00072015-09-21_0011Their love for one another is palpable. They approach each other with tender care and it really shows through in their session. I was blown away by their kindness and generosity and wish them a lifetime of joy! Eric and Jessica will be getting married in her home state, Alabama, this March.2015-09-21_00122015-09-21_00132015-09-21_00152015-09-21_00162015-09-21_00142015-09-21_00172015-09-21_00182015-09-21_00222015-09-21_00272015-09-21_00212015-09-21_00202015-09-21_00252015-09-21_00192015-09-21_00242015-09-21_0026