Deck the Halls with the Bressi's: Christmas Decor / by Hannah Byrne


Christmas at the Bressi's starts after Halloween. No, we aren't giving gifts for 60 days and we definitely aren't eating cookies. The holiday season is a time where the Bressi house turns into an incredibly cozy and inviting space for all who care to join!

Before you pull your crazy and say "it's not even Thanksgiving yet" I want to remind you that individuals who have personality like Buddy the Elf are few and far between.  My mom happens to hold the most holiday cheer I have ever seen... And it last all year round!  She spends DAYS decorating because that's what she loves to do! She decorates early and gets to enjoy it for a few extra weeks... And who could blame her?!

So put on your best Buddy the Elf attitude and enjoy all her hard work... Maybe you'll even be inspired to get some of those holiday decorations out of the attic before Thanksgiving!

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