Climbing Changed My Marriage / by Hannah Byrne

One of the biggest "marriage lessons" Stephen and I learned in 2016 was how important it is to nurture our friendship. A year ago we started feeling more like roommates with a budget... Life just wasn't nearly as fun as it had been in years past. We were stuck.

Going into spring/summer of 2016, we knew we needed to find a hobby that we both enjoyed and could do together. We decided climbing would be our "thing." We spend 2-3 nights a week together at a local gym and it's been an absolute blast!

Of course, CLIMBING didn't actually change our marriage. Spending quality time, reigniting our friendship and loving on each other intentionally did. The best advice I can give a newly married couple; find something you both love and do it together. Whether that's watching a certain show on Netflix or testing out every restaurant in your city. Find your "thing" and enjoy each other!

We decided to kick off the year with our "thing."

2017, I like you already...

PS - I edited these photos a little different than I usually do since they are "just for fun!" Enjoy!