Christmas Tree Adventures with the Bressi Family / by Hannah Byrne


This year my mom had the brilliant idea to take a train ride to a farm, then get on a carriage ride with Santa, climb up a HUGE hill to finally retrieve our Christmas tree.. Only to have to get back on the train and ride back to the station to get our tree from a parking lot (a lot like the Food Bank trees we get every year).  We came to a consensus that this kind of nonsense should wait until we have children who are an appropriate age. 2015-12-15_0002SANTA!2015-12-15_0004 2015-12-15_00032015-12-15_0020Mr Engineer doing his thing...2015-12-15_0005 2015-12-15_0006

Mom on the prowl for her tree... That lady better watch out.2015-12-15_0007Tave being Tave...2015-12-15_0008 Tree hugger:2015-12-15_0009 2015-12-15_0010 2015-12-15_0011What in the world is happening.. Tave better watch his back. She's closing in! 2015-12-15_0012 2015-12-15_0013Walked all the way down with this tree ^^... Then walked all the way back up to get our baby tree! 2015-12-15_0014 2015-12-15_0015 2015-12-15_0016 2015-12-15_0017 2015-12-15_0018 2015-12-15_0019 2015-12-15_0021