Ceremony light: why it's SO important! / by Hannah Byrne

OK, so ceremony lighting isn't that exciting... But I promise it's important or I wouldn't waste your time! I wanted to address this because it often becomes an issue on the wedding day and at that point it's too late to make any adjustments. So here we go!

Indoor weddings:

If you're getting married inside it's so important to be sure that the lighting at the alter is even and well lit. If there are spotlights on the bride & groom, I will not be able to expose for the entire bridal party upfront. In addition, if the rest of the room is very dark, photographing the processional and recessional is often difficult to expose for. Obviously this doesn't mean that you won't get those photos. It just means they might be a bit more grainy because of the need to compensate the lack of light. Moral of the story, if you're getting married indoors, make sure you've got LOTS of light! 

Outdoor weddings:

Oh I LOVE outdoor wedding ceremonies! Stephen & I got married outside and even with the anxiety of weather uncertainties, it's TOTALLY worth it! If I could shoot outdoors every weekend, I would! But here's the caveat: the light can be completely unpredictable.

You have no idea if you're going to get the clearest blue skies or the darkest grey skies. One thing I recommend when having an outdoor wedding - Have your ceremony in the afternoon, about 3 hours before sunset (depending on if you're doing a first look or not). During this time you have the most "well behaved" light. You won't find yourself sweating it out up at the altar in your tux or squinting into your lovers eyes as you say your vows. 

Another suggestion, go to your ceremony location at the time you will be getting married a few weeks before. If you can, adjust the position of your altar depending on the sun so that you are sure you won't have sun in your eyes & everyone will be comfortable. 

To summarize:

Great light = AMAZING photos! Light is so unbelievably important for beautiful imagery. Be sure to account for light on your wedding day. And if this all sounds like too much, talk with your photographer. They will most likely be more than willing to help you out! 

I hope this tip was helpful!!