Personal Stories

Ben + Rebecca's First Home: Pittsburgh, PA by Hannah Byrne

Ben and Rebecca are two of our sweetest friends. They just bought their first home in Pittsburgh, PA last week and they're in the thick of it. Stephen and I went to the Carey's this weekend to help paint and demo. I love how they see the potential their old home holds. They have such a gift for it. Watching them enjoy the process of bringing something worn out back to its inherent beauty is so inspiring. I can't wait to watch them grow in this new space. We love you guys!!!

Christmas Tree Adventures with the Bressi Family by Hannah Byrne


This year my mom had the brilliant idea to take a train ride to a farm, then get on a carriage ride with Santa, climb up a HUGE hill to finally retrieve our Christmas tree.. Only to have to get back on the train and ride back to the station to get our tree from a parking lot (a lot like the Food Bank trees we get every year).  We came to a consensus that this kind of nonsense should wait until we have children who are an appropriate age. 2015-12-15_0002SANTA!2015-12-15_0004 2015-12-15_00032015-12-15_0020Mr Engineer doing his thing...2015-12-15_0005 2015-12-15_0006

Mom on the prowl for her tree... That lady better watch out.2015-12-15_0007Tave being Tave...2015-12-15_0008 Tree hugger:2015-12-15_0009 2015-12-15_0010 2015-12-15_0011What in the world is happening.. Tave better watch his back. She's closing in! 2015-12-15_0012 2015-12-15_0013Walked all the way down with this tree ^^... Then walked all the way back up to get our baby tree! 2015-12-15_0014 2015-12-15_0015 2015-12-15_0016 2015-12-15_0017 2015-12-15_0018 2015-12-15_0019 2015-12-15_0021