Mason + Cait's Backyard Wedding: Parkton, MD / by Hannah Byrne

Backyard weddings are A LOT of work and require so much preparation! When you don't have all the luxuries that a venue provides, you have to get creative! But when they're done well and everything comes together perfectly, it always uniquely and beautifully reflects the true character of the couple!!

Cait and Mason KILLED IT! As we walked through their day, they would stop to explain a certain detail or point something out to me. I loved how they put so much time and thought into their day. From the bridal details to the beautifully strung lights that illuminated the dance floor, the entire day was spectacular.

But it was all secondary to the incredible love they share. I love working with couples who express their love out loud. Who aren't afraid to open their hearts in front of the camera and share who they truly are. Cait + Mason are beautiful souls, from the inside out! What a pleasure to tell their wedding story!

To the new Mr + Mrs - Cheers!! To a lifetime of joy together