Bride & Groom Portraits at a Gorgeous Overlook / by Hannah Byrne


First, let me start by pointing out how AMAZING this couples names are!! Steven & Hanna! When we realized this over email I kind of had a freak out moment!

These two got married this past May and just moved to Baltimore. Over instagram I reached out for some adventurous models and Hanna jumped right in! We adventured to a beautiful overlook in Maryland where we all embraced the views and enjoyed an evening together (my Stephen included!).

Their  proposal story is just about as cute as it gets so keep scrolling for a little more lovin'...

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The Proposal

Steven proposed on an after dinner walk, on the front porch of a house Hanna lived in when they first met. They were walking past the old house and he ran right up to the porch and sat down. Hanna mentioned to him that she definitely didn't live there any more and they weren't allowed to sit on strangers porches -- but he said he wouldn't move until she sat down with him. So she did. Hanna said they almost broke up on that porch once three years earlier, and he reminded her of that while they were sitting there.  She definitely wasn't amused. He started talking about how happy he was that they were together now, and how excited he was for our future... then he pulled out a ring and said, "Let's get married!" Hanna was so shocked, she almost thought he meant right then. She blurted out, "But I'm in yoga pants?!" After he convinced her that he didn't mean right that minute she said, "Of course!"

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My Stephen and I jumped out on the ledge for a quick shot before heading home..


Flowers: Sara Reynolds Events

Dress: Emma by Amy Kuschel