For the Groom Who Doesn't Want an Engagement Session (5 reasons you'll benefit from one!) / by Hannah Byrne

So your groom-to-be isn't suuuuper thrilled about an hour of being in front of the camera and doesn't see the point? Does an engagement sessions sound excessive and ridiculous to him? Being married to a frugal minimalist, I get it. So with that in mind, here are FIVE reasons you will absolutely benefit from an engagement session even if you think it's silly!

1. Getting to know your photographer

Often times I don't meet a couple until their engagement session! They love my work, inquire and decide to book without meeting face to face. In these cases, the e-session is crucial for getting to know each other. Your photographer will be with you on one of the most important days of your life... So getting to know them and becoming more than a "client" to them can be a game changer. Being in front of their camera breaks the ice really quickly and hopefully you'll feel like fast friends!

2. Time together

I can't speak for every other photographer, but I love posing couples in close, intimate ways. And coming from a person who is married & doesn't naturally want to show PDA, having a photographer give you an excuse to be up close and personal in public with your love is really fun. Stephen and I had an anniversary session done a few months back - it was such a sweet hour spent together. I felt like I got to know him in a different way. Think of it as a weird date, like going to see a movie or mini golf. You're just going to have a photo shoot and spend some quality time together learning more about each other!

3. Posing

The couples I work with aren't models. And I don't mean they aren't beautiful, I work with the most beautiful people on this planet! What I mean is that they might not be super comfortable in front of a camera. And that's totally fine! It's my job to give direction. But "posing" can be kind of intimidating until you actually do it. That's why having the engagement session (aka, trial run) is so helpful! After the first few minutes you'll settle into the photographers rhythm and start to feel like a pro!

4. Comfort

Along with learning how your photographer will pose you, you'll become more comfortable as the shoot goes on. More comfortable with your photographer, with being in front of the camera and posing together. At first you might be nervous or anxious but those nerves should quickly dissipate!

5. Your wedding photos will benefit

This is the big one! And might seem pretty obvious after the first four reasons... But your wedding photos will absolutely benefit from having the engagement session experience. Your wedding will be an incredible day, but it will be a whirlwind! We plan, make timelines and prepare as much as we can but things come up! Our 45 minutes of portrait time might get cut by 15 or 20 minutes because of an unforeseen circumstance. But don't sweat! You and your spouse are seasoned PROS when it comes to portraits! You won't blink twice when your photographer gives you poses or direction. You'll know what to expect & feel like old friends with your photographer!

So if your groom isn't thrilled about an engagement session, let them know that it serves a bigger purpose! Share these 5 reasons and I'm sure they will warm up to the idea!

I hope this TIP! was helpful!!