Guatemala Mission 2015 / by Hannah Byrne


This trip is a whirlwind of adventure.  From late nights to early mornings (& I mean 3am early!), there is hardly a moment to actually process any of the 5 day trip. But after going a handful of times, I feel like I know what to expect and I know how to process things a bit quicker... Although I always walk away with something a little different. My dad mentioned on our last morning in Guatemala that there are three factors that play a role on these trips. Two of them are constant; our God and the Frater Team (the Guatemalans we work with), and one of them is unpredictable; us.  Like I mentioned, I've been on my fair share of mission teams, so to say that this team was one of the best I've ever been on is a big deal! But it's true!

This team seamlessly arrived to Guatemala, found their place in the mission and selflessly served the village.  It was truly amazing to watch the Lord move through our team & the Guatemalans.  We gave medical attention and an open heart to countless families.  We handed out tons of shoes & rice to individuals.  We served each others needs and spurred one another on. We ate A LOT of beans & eggs.  And we all served the Lord selflessly and shared His love with His people.

But even more impressive than our team is the Frater team we partner with.  They go on these missions SIX times a year!! Six!!! Doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and translators who own businesses and have families, give up a weekend every other month to provide a medical attention to remote villages that would otherwise go unnoticed and forgotten.  On this trip, I was blown away by their constant and steadfast service to their country.  I see the same Frater team members every time I make the trip and it's easy to forget that they aren't only serving when we join them but they are constantly planning and executing these missions all year round.  I pray that my heart can mold into being more like theirs.  With a servant attitude and steadfast spirit.

I didn't have my professional camera and most of these photos aren't amazing or groundbreaking when it comes to being technically sound - but there is so much story here and so much heart! I hope you enjoy them, even if they are a little blurry... Here are some photos from our trip this year!

 Traveling to the Village...


The Village...

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Exploring Guatemala...2015-10-16_00442015-10-16_00462015-10-16_00452015-10-16_00472015-10-16_00542015-10-16_00492015-10-16_00522015-10-16_00532015-10-16_00502015-10-16_00552015-10-16_00642015-10-16_00482015-10-16_00562015-10-16_00602015-10-16_00592015-10-16_00572015-10-16_0058

The last night we celebrated some team members birthdays with a pizza party and cake!2015-10-16_00612015-10-16_00622015-10-16_0063