Samantha + Anthony's Waterfront Wedding: Taylor's Island, MD by Hannah Byrne

My associate, Anna, had the honor of photographing Samantha + Anthony’s gorgeous waterfront wedding in Taylor’s Island, MD on May 4th! She sent me a few “behind the scenes” videos and my jaw was on the floor!! You are going to love the bright colors and stunning florals. Enjoy!!

Carmina's Gorgeous Beach Portraits: Puerto San Jose, Guatemala by Hannah Byrne

I met the Casasola family over ten years ago - Carmina was 4! When she asked me to come down to do portraits of her and photos of her quinceanera, of course I said yes! I’ve been to Guatemala 9 times, but this is the first time I just went to visit. I had so much fun with the Casasola’s! It always feels like home when I’m with them.

These photos are from the first few days of my trip - we went to Puerto San Jose and stayed for a night. I’m obsessed with these photos! Seriously, Carmina could be a model for Billabong!