Wedding Recap: 2018 by Hannah Byrne

Really late to the game with this post. But 2018 was AMAZING so I wanted to do a recap! Feeling real sentimental after putting this together (insert crying emoji)

**For images that are in a row, be sure to click on the last image to see more!**

OK let’s go!

Tyler + Rachel

Cody + Jess

Boyce + Natasha

Tess + Cade

Krystina + Stephen

Chris + Vanessa

Tyler + Anna

Garrett + Jenny

Daquan + Adrienne

Brian + Liz

Austin + Libby

Meg + Bunty

Mark + Emily

Lyle + Jen

Jake + Nicole

Chris + Anne

Matt + Katie

Tim + Jessie

Cory + Liz

Travis + Shelby

Sammy + Sadie

Christian + Christine