You know you're engaged when... / by Hannah Byrne

1. Everyone you talk to starts the conversation with, "So, how's the wedding planning going?"

2. Your house looks like a craft store literally threw up everywhere

3. You have to take up valuable guest list real-estate for a long lost uncle

4. You can't sleep because you keep having wedding nightmares that a dragon flies over your venue and burns the whole thing down

5. Every meeting with a wedding vendor feels like...

6. People expect you to have an opinion about everything; flowers, colors, dresses, napkins......

7. You're making all your besties wear the same thing, ALL. THE. TIME. - Bachelorette shirts! Matching robes! Dresses! Shoes! 

8. Someone gets you something that wasn't on your registry because they "thought you'd like it".....

9. You're on Pinterest, like 24/7

10. You try to convince your fiance that you need to invite your friend from 3rd grade who you haven't talk to in 25 years...

11. Every day is just an excuse to drink more wine..

12. You can blame everything you do wrong on the fact that you're planning a wedding

13. Your venue forgot to tell you that chair & table rentals aren't included...

14. All your DIY projects look like "Pinterest fails" 

15. It's completely acceptable to torture your best friend into the nightmare that is public speaking

16. You got all this extra energy pent-up and hit the gym like 3 times a day.. oh wait, jk.

17. You're dreading firing a vendor but then you feel like a boss

18. Your bank account doesn't look anything like it used to

19. You're about to lose it but your man steps in on the daily

20. You just need someone to tell you you're doing this right...