Wandering Barcelona, Spain / by Hannah Byrne

When I think back to this trip I think about anticipation, adventure, fear, travel nightmares, glorious boredom coupled with insane busyness, walking (so. much. walking.), beautiful places, beautiful people, beautiful creativity. I remember the fear I had about navigating Barcelona's public transportation and fear that the shoots I had planned would all fall through.

It was such an incredible 10 days. I'm so, so grateful that I was able to visit this beautiful country in the hospitality of the sweetest friends (you're the best, Bea & Javi!!).

These photos are a collection of places I explored in and around Barcelona. Nothing in particular.. Mostly, this is a way for me to remember the quieter parts of my trip.

If you ever get the chance, I would definitely recommend visiting Castelldefels, Bunkers del CarmelBarcelona's Gothic QuarterTossa de Mar !! Wander around, don't just hit all the touristy spots. The real adventure is in the hidden corners of the city