The Best Way to Honeymoon! (in my humble opinion) / by Hannah Byrne

Stephen and I went to Asheville, NC for our honeymoon. We kept things pretty low key - no flights, no excursions, no stress. We did that intentionally.

(In my humble opinion) The week after your wedding isn't the best time to go on your bucket list travel experience. Here are two reasons why...

1. You're probably pretty tired

Let's be honest. Having a morning flight the day after your wedding sounds like the worst idea ever. But people do it all the time! The mentality that you have to go on your honeymoon the day after your wedding is ingrained in our minds. If you do want to fly somewhere, I suggest leaving a day in between! Chill at a hotel for a day. Get take-out. Relax. Don't force yourselves to wake up at the crack of dawn, exhausted, re-packing from the night before and head to the airport. Just the thought of doing that makes me cringe. 

2. You don't want to feel guilty about lounging in bed all day together watching Netflix and eating pizza

We loved exploring Asheville. It's such an adorable place. There's a lot to see, plenty of hiking and SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. Seriously, I've never eaten so much great food in my life (JUST LOOK AT THAT SANDWICH STEPHEN'S HOLDING!). But it wasn't like we were in Spain, Ireland or New Zealand. If we didn't get out of bed until 11am, who cares? We will probably go back to Asheville at some point in our lives. 

Hannah Leigh Photo Iceland Wedding_0297.jpg

The alternative? (At least for me) If I'm on a once in a lifetime trip - waking up at 11am would STRESS ME OUT. I'm the kind of traveler that packs it all in. It's the only times in my life when I have the mentality, "we'll sleep when we're dead!" 

So listen... You will have the rest of your lives to go on bucket list trips together. But if you insist.... Maybe you'd want to do a stay-cation in lieu of a honeymoon immediately after your wedding at a local B&B. Then check off a bucket list item a few months later with your honeymoon fund! $$


Hope this TIP! was helpful!