I don't share RAW files with clients... Here's why! / by Hannah Byrne

Nope, I don't deliver RAW files from your wedding day. And yes, that's a hard no. Here's why -

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.58.49 AM.jpg

1. The average person can't use RAW files for anything useful

Unless you have the software to edit RAW files and export them as JPEGS, there is no reason to have the RAW files. They cannot be uploaded onto social media or uploaded to a printing site. Not only that but they are ENORMOUS in size. I pay a LOT of money to have hard drives big enough to store RAW files from the weddings I shoot. Your computer will not appreciate it if you download 800 RAWs onto your desktop.

2. You're hiring me for my edits!

So Uncle Bob said he could edit all the RAW files for you.............. When you hire me to photograph your wedding, you're also hiring me to edit & process all the photos! Maybe I'm assuming too much, but I'm thinking you probably saw my Instagram or stumbled onto my website and liked my photos and that's why you decided to hire me! The way I edit has a HUGE impact on the way my images look. So when you pick me out of a sea of photographers, I assume you want your photos to look like my portfolio. If I give you the RAW files, the images will not look like my portfolio. Yes, the RAWs will still be my shooting style - but editing is like it's counterpart. You need both to get the full package :)

I love you too much to burden you with the RAW files, so just trust me on this one - you want the final, finished, edited, high resolution - JPEGS :) 

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