Our Trip to Iceland in the Winter: Part II / by Hannah Byrne

Hi! If you haven't already, check out PART I of our trip to Iceland and then come on back over to see PART II 

This trip was kind of insane - the whole thing, not just Part I or II. Quick back story, I was shooting a wedding in Akureyri (Northern Iceland), which sparked the idea to drive the entire ring road. We started in Reykjavik, traveled north to Akureyri and then made our way around the eastern side of Iceland. Thing was, we only had like 3 days to do all this driving (approx. 800 miles: see our route here!) on some of the craziest terrain I've ever seen. At one point we thought we might have to backtrack our way to Reykjavik/ There were crazy warning signs about continuing on Rt 1 because of potentially hazardous winter conditions, the inability to tow if you got stuck and 17% grade!!!! (That's REALLY STEEP!!) Thankfully Stephen was able to wave down another SUV and get their advice. Long story short, we didn't get stuck, lost, have to backtrack or die #winning

Anyway! Northern Iceland isn't too popular with tourist (PART I), but there are a ton of great places to visit on the eastern/southern points (That's THIS post!). Places we visited that I would recommend (in order as you scroll through this post):

Jökulsárlón - also known as the Glacier Lagoon

Diamond Beach - Located directly across the road from Jökulsárlón!

Some really cool waterfall thing (no name, we literally stopped on the side of the road)

Black Sand Beach, Vik

Seljalandsfoss - GoPro photos because the rain/wind was NUTS!

Skógafoss - Loved this waterfall! I didn't get a chance to visit on my first trip to Iceland and was really happy we got to see it! 

Another great resource if you're going to Iceland - 100 Best Things to Do in Iceland


Diamond Beach:

Cool water feature on the side of the road!

You could see this Glacier ^ from our AirBnB. Crazy!

Black Sand Beach:

Seljalandsfoss: It was REALLY raining! We were both wearing so many layers and sat in the car for a few minutes before we built up the courage to get out! (All GoPro photos!)