A Sweet Treat You Have to Try! / by Hannah Byrne

If you're a past, present or future client of mine you've probably received this sweet treat from me in the mail!

When we moved to Baltimore I was introduced to Mouth Party Caramels at a local cafe - Atwaters - and after tasting them, I knew I wanted to share them with my clients. So I ordered their salted caramels and started to package them with my bridal guide. So many couples comment on how much they love the caramels so I wanted to share a bit about Mouth Party & how you could incorporate them into your wedding process, beyond receiving them in the mail from me! :) 

1. Asking your gal pal to be your bridesmaid!

No need to go over the top, but giving a little treat when you ask your favorite ladies to be a part of your wedding would be a sweet surprise!

2. Bridal shower treats &/or favors!

You can customize your order to help match your bridal shower colors. From picking the box to the ribbon color, they can be the perfect addition & the best favor! In my opinion, food as a favor is always a good idea ;)

3. Add them to your welcome gifts for guests staying at a local hotel

Some couples choose to have bags waiting for their guests when they arrive to their hotel. Packed with back up toiletries, bottled water, a little libation, a "day after" recovery kit ... AND you guessed it - local caramels. YUM!

4. Wedding favors!

I've always thought Mouth Party Caramels would be the BEST wedding favors! Like I said, you can't go wrong with food as a favor! So instead of giving your guests another trinket, give them something they can actually enjoy!

If nothing else, you need to get your booty over to www.mouthpartycaramel.com and order some treats ASAP to enjoy for yourself! These babies are AMAZING! Pretty sure I'm addicted...