How to Cut Your Closet IN HALF in 20 Minutes! / by Hannah Byrne

Are you getting married, moving, need to purge, or ALL THREE?! 

Then I've got a spring cleaning project for you to do (and a video at the end!)

Between prepping our house for move-in day and packing up all our stuff, I neglected to really go through my closet and only bring things I still want. Moving is the best time to part with old, dusty clothes that never see the light of day, but unfortunately I didn't have the time to do it all. With that being said, it was definitely time for a spring clean.. I mean really you guys, I've got clothes from high school in there that are just collecting dust and taking up real-estate.

I've seen a lot of chatter about the "capsule wardrobe," which sparked my idea to share this with y'all! But as much as I'm up for a challenge, I don't think I can commit to only having like 30 pieces in my closet. I'm pretty sure I have more than that JUST in workout gear (oops). So instead, let's just commit to cleaning out what we really don't need! You in?

Here's how I did it in 20 minutes!

1. You HAVE to be in the right mood.

This is #1 because it's #1 in importance. Look, I've tried to clean my closet on days when I'm not in the mood and it's a disaster. I usually end up putting everything back and giving up. Twenty minutes is not that long, so you're going to need to make decisions quickly. Make sure you're up for the challenge and ready to tackle it head on! Otherwise this won't work... Or it will take you like 6 hours haha

2. ONLY commit to cleaning what's hanging in your closet

Maybe you have a ton of time and want to completely overhaul your entire wardrobe and that's awesome! - But cleaning what's hanging can be more than enough for one day. Don't stress yourself out!

3. What has to go?

- Torn/ripped/unwearable 

- Haven't worn it in a year+

- Too small


4. What can stay?

- Pieces you love that fit well

- Pieces you wear during special seasons 

- MOST IMPORTANT: Be honest with yourself!!! That's the only way you're really going to be able to "cut your closet in half!"

5. Pull EVERYTHING out of your closet to start and lay it on your bed

6. Hang what you're keeping back in your closet & toss the rest into a "no" pile

7. Once you're finished, fold all of the clothes that are in the "no" pile

This gives you a chance to see everything one last time. Remember, it's not gone until it's gone. So don't stress out. You can always change your mind here. But I would encourage you to stick with your initial gut reaction to each piece! 

8. Donate pieces that are only lightly worn. Toss the rest!

Well that was fun! I hope this post didn't feel like it was out of left field - I've got this itch to do lifestyle blogging and thought I'd give it a go! And working with couples who are getting ready to start a new journey together, I thought a few lifestyle posts might be helpful! Let me know what you think!