How I keep your photos safe from shooting to delivery / by Hannah Byrne

I think my WORST nightmare would be to lose a couples wedding images. It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. And frankly, it's NOT an option. So how do I ensure this nightmare NEVR EVER happens?! Well, here's how:

1. When I shoot, I am ALWAYS shooting on two separate cards in RAW. So instantly, your images are being "backed-up" as I shoot your wedding day! If my main card were to fail, you'd never know it!

2. When I drive home, I put all the SD cards in a fire proof safe. OK, Ok. ok. I think this might make some people laugh. But seriously, think about it. Car accidents happen ALL. THE. TIME. What's to say I won't get into a car accident on my way home from your wedding?! Obviously, that would be terrible. But loosing ALL your wedding photos, on top of being in a car accident? EHhhhhh, I'll be a freak and put your cards in a fire proof case 

3. When I get home I download another back up onto an external hard drive. So, now your images are stored on THREE locations (2 cards, external hard drive).

4. I edit, export and upload to your gallery... THEN delete photos off my cards. If my computer crashes, external hard drive crashes or any of the SD cards crash, we're good!

5. Your culled & edited, final images will be stored in an online gallery! That way if something were to happen on my end, it wouldn't make a difference for you! You've got access to your gallery!

I have a system for storing your photos after they are delivered, but once you get your gallery I recommend downloading your images to your computer AND an external hard drive! Just so you have 2 separate "hard copies." TIP - I never leave my hard drive plugged in if I'm not using it. If someone hacks your computer and your hard drive is plugged in, you can plan on losing both your computer's files AND the hard drive. It's not worth it!

I hope this helps put your mind at ease to know I'm handling your digital files with the utmost care! I take it SUPER seriously because your wedding story is SUPER important!