Get inspired and get sh*t done / by Hannah Byrne

Recently I polled my Instagram to see what people would like to see more of. I was surprised when a few people said "time management." Mainly because I don't think I'm very good at it... lol.

But then I got to thinking and decided to give the people what they want ;P

So I'm going to start with inspiration.. Because when you're inspired, it makes getting sh*t done a whole lot easier! And isn't that what "time management" is really about? GETTING SH*T DONE.

SO, a few ways I get inspired to work/create/love clients well/grow/change/etc


There is always so much going on in our lives, being able to tune it all out is important. But it's really hard to find activities that do this. Teaching spin @ REV and climbing with Stephen both require 100% of my attention. They don't allow any room for distraction. And when I'm finished, I feel like I truly just had a moment without any other stresses impacting me, which gives me the mental space to be inspired when I get back to the office or show up to a shoot!



If I want to be inspired to create/grow/blog I listen to podcast or browse a cool blog. (My favorite is podcast "How I Built This.") I'm inspired by the commitment people make to creating content. Whether it's visually or audible, when someone takes the time to create it inspires me to do the same. (Currently my favorite documentary is Planet Earth on Netflix, also love everything does!)

(I'm not much of a reader - womp womp - but if you are, totally add that to the list!)


And yes, I do mean binge watching Netflix. During busy season I typically take some time during the week to veg. I will sit in bed and watch Netflix - maybe even for a few hours. If my body is feeling tired, I give it rest. Between spin, climbing, training for a half iron man, daily business tasks, shoots during the week, and weddings - I need time to rest. And I've made a commitment to not feel guilty when I take that time. It's OK to have to slow down. You need energy to be inspired!


No surprise I added this one! Obviously, this doesn't happen every week or every month. And maybe it doesn't seem practical in your life at all. But travel doesn't have to look a private island, drinking margaritas and getting massages. Traveling could look like a day trip to a city that's a few hours from you or maybe saving up for a bigger trip! There is so much world, go see it!


This one is huge for me. I'm a visual/conversational learner. I need to bounce ideas off of other people to get anywhere. Working alone from home doesn't really lend itself well to this - so it's something I have to be really intentional about. If you're a boss lady (or gentleman), find yourself some friends who do the same type of work that you do and meet regularly. Grab coffee, Skype, shoot emails back and forth. The amount of inspiration I get from chatting with friends about life/business/goals/etc, is INSANE. I leave conversations feeling ready to tackle projects (some projects I didn't even know I wanted to do!)

SO what inspires you to GET SH*T DONE? (Comment below!)