The First Look: Is it right for you?! / by Hannah Byrne

Oh the first look. When approached about doing it at our wedding, we gave it a firm no. We were traditional, what can I say? But I'd never want to be the reason my couples do or don't go with the first look... Here's some ideas if you decide to stick with tradition! But today I'm sharing a few pros to doing a first look if you're up for it! 

1. No stress timeline

The first look really does give you a leg up when it comes to managing the timeline of your wedding day. Not only are we able to get ample bride + groom portraits, we can also photograph the entire bridal party! This saves us a bunch of time after the ceremony is over and you're free to enjoy time with guests.... Which leads me to my next point!

2. Cocktail hour? HECK YES!

Want to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests?! A first look is the way to go! Otherwise we will need that time for portraits.  Without a first look, even if you have the best intentions of getting to your cocktail hour, it's probably not going to happen. We've got to fit family, bridal party + bride and groom portraits in that hour timeframe. And I'm not magician! I definitely need that time to deliver what you want to see in your final gallery! 

With a first look? We can get family portraits done in 15-20 minutes and then you're off to mingle with a mojito!

3. A private moment together

This is a big one! Believe it or not, without a first look, you may not have a moment of quiet by yourselves. The entire day can be kind of a blur for couples and before you know it you're being sent off with a sparkler exit! Having this time to connect before the ceremony is so sweet. I tend to step back for 3-5 minutes immediately after you see each other. I use a focal length that allows me to give you privacy but still capture those sweet moments! 

4. Can we go back to #1 for a second?

Not only does a first look allow your timeline to be less stressful, it also takes A LOT of the stress off of walking down the isle. You are able to reassure each other and take a few deep breaths. It really does allow you to enjoy the ceremony without the anxiety.

So... What are you views on a first look? Would you go for it or stick with tradition!? 

I hope this TIP! was helpful!