That one line in my contract that always bears a question... / by Hannah Byrne

So you're probably wondering, what's the line? Well, here it is:

10. No other photographers are allowed to photograph the wedding without Hannah Leigh Photography's written permission.

Phew, that's a lot of photographers! But before you re-read it, freak out and decide to find another photographer, let me explain this further...

1. Your family and friends are MORE than welcome to photograph moments throughout your wedding day (From iPhones to DSLR's, it doesn't matter!).

2. This line doesn't mean they are forbidden from having their cameras/phones out during the ceremony, although I'd highly recommend requesting they keep them away. 

3. I love how couples come up with hashtags for their wedding and are able to see their guests posting throughout the day. It's like a little album of images they can look back at for weeks.  I want your guests to take photos!!

Now, if I don't really care about other people photographing your day, why is this line in my contract at all? Well..

1. If you invited a professional or amateur photographer as a guests to attend your wedding, that's great! But if they bring their fancy camera and have plans of photographing the day as if they were your wedding photographer, this isn't cool.

2. Also, it puts us on the same page. So if the above guest ^ was being very intrusive with their camera, it allows me (with your signed permission) to kindly ask them to stand to the side or remove them from a situation in order for me to do my job!

I've never had to "get into it" with a guest. That's just not how I roll. But I have had to gently remove people from situations where I literally couldn't do my job with their presence there. For example, having guests in the aisle during the ceremony. This is a BIG no no. You are paying me to be there. You expect me to capture your day from beginning to end. And missing the first kiss shot because a guest also wanted to get the shot is NOT ok. And I'd hope you would agree!

To summarize: Your guests are MORE than welcome to photograph your wedding day! I encourage it! But the minute it negatively impacts my ability to do my job, I have your OK to gently ask them to stop and move out of the way :)