8 Free Wanderlust Photos + How to Use Them! / by Hannah Byrne

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These are some of my all time favorite photos! They motivate me to dream bigger, explore more and be myself. I hope you'll find them inspiring!

I want you to actually download and use them! So today I'm sharing share 3 ways you could use them around your home!

1. Desktop background - you could literally do this in less than 2 minutes, RIGHT NOW. When I log into my computer to work and see something like this photo, it inspires me to be creative! Get a fresh background on that computer screen of yours! It changes the entire look/feel of your computer!

2. iPhone lock screen - Again, this is something you can do RIGHT NOW. Open your email app & find your email from me! Go to the "8 EPIC PHOTOS FOR YOU" gallery of images, download your favorite vertical shot and set it as your lock screen! I love switching this image up a lot - to match the season, to take me back to an awesome memory or just be inspired by a beautiful photo!

3. PRINT & HANG THEM !! This one takes a bit more planning, but don't let that scare you!

Stephen and I made these frames (click here for a how-to) with the sole purpose of using them for my travel photos. I love how they have a gallery/museum look to them. They are unique, but mostly they draw your eye right to the photo - which is exactly what I wanted! I love how they turned out! (HUGE thanks to Tave for putting up with this idea.. It took a REALLY long time to get them on that wall)

I also really love these simple frames:

From IKEA!




Let me know how you decide to use your 8 wanderlust photos! I'd love to see pictures!